Winter Issue 2007

Sweet Baby J'ai / Evolution / Sunset Music Group (1:02)

By Chris Walker
California Tour & Travel Magazine


Los Angeles based vocalist/arranger, J'ai Michel has a breathy style and incredible sense of rhythm that sets her apart from many singers.  In fact, her CD is reminiscent of records from the '60's and '70's that are filled with extensive instrumentation and appealing singing thoroughly full of life and enthusiasm.  Her rendition of classic "Nature Boy" is so earthy that it sounds like it was recorded in a jungle, and accentuated by stirring percussion and soulful vocalizations.  Notably Michel's arrangement talents shine as brightly as her singing throughout the project that overflows with a remarkable roster of Southern California musicians.  Prime examples are "Suddenly (In Walked Bud)," and "Summertime (On Central Avenue)" along with blues and RB vamping tunes perfect for spicing up parties.  They are "Meet Me With Your Black Drawers on," Cooler Than Cool" and "The World is a Ghetto."  Exhibiting her diversity, Michel's title selection is straightforward and adorned with acoustic guitar accompanyingment.