July 2008

Number 1 New Jazz Add


"Something very pleasant but not really "productive" happened this evening. I put Introducing J'ai Michel in the player, intending to preview it. Instead, I've been sitting at my desk for the better part of an hour, just listening and thoroughly enjoying that CD. I tried reading e-mail and typing a PSA while I listened, but I gave up on doing anything else until just now, when the music ended. It isn't often that a record so completely captures my attention. Sweet Baby J'ai is an enormously talented artist. I regret the fact that I've not heard any of her previous releases. Thank you for introducing me to her music, so that I may pass the favor on to our listeners. Impressed as I am with her gorgeous vocals, I am equally intrigued by her lyrics. As for Jane Getz, you can bet that the next time I see her name on a CD, I'll sit up and take notice. Together, these two women are dynamite! I don't always report New Jazz Adds to CMJ, but I'm reporting this CD--as Number 1. That's a promise, not a projection. Thanks again for sending it to KRZA."

Deb Nichols

Program Director