August 2008

Get On The Train!

By A. Scott Galloway
Urban Network

Sweet Baby J'ai Sweet Baby J'ai
Introducing J'ai Michel

Jazz and soul singer Sweet Baby J'ai has been steady building a loyal fan base on the West Coast and beyond with her choice renditions of top shelf repertoire. She stretches herself even further with her latest release which finds her doing the Latin blues boiler "Sweet Corinne," tapping into her inner Helen Reddy on "I Can't Cry For You," recalling sensual moments in sweet afterglow on "You Were Great Last Night," and groovin' you with the jazz musings of her spoken word detour "Exactly Like You (Perpetrating)." Most special of all are two heartfelt pieces J'ai composed herself - "Frida's Song" (soulful props to the pain behind the paintings of the great Frida Kahlo) and the teardrop stained ballad "Upside Down." This super multi-talented lady is going places. Get on the train!