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(6 min)

American singer, songwriter, producer, Sweet Baby J'a is available for concerts, festivals and special events.i



(5 min)

Sweet Baby J'ai and Women in Jazz at the John Hanson Ford Theater - the Women in Music Event with Jane Getz, Jennifer Leitham, Maria Martinez, Darlene Moreno, Carol Chaikin and Sweet Baby J'ai.



(5 min)

PSWJF 2015 Trailer - Sweet Baby J'ai hosts the 2015 Palm Springs Women's Jazz Festival featuring her, Diane Schuur, Nona Hendryx, Jessy J, Ann Patterson and the Maiden Voyage All-Stars, Elaine Gibbs, and many, many more world-class musicians!!


Jazz Is...

(7 min)

A clip from SBJ's Jazz Is Workshop - Sweet Baby J'ai with Eddie Olivieri and Nedra Wheeler conducts a jazz performance workshop on Improv at 2000+ Bookstore in Long Beach, CA in conjunction with the IAJE Conference - (an exercise in time and phrase).


Les Gauguines

(2 min)

A Musical Excursion on Olivia's Tahiti Cruise

Sweet Baby J'ai performs aboard the Regency, Paul Gauguin cruise ship joined by the mezmerizing "Les Gauguines"  Tahitian dancers.


Bessie Billie & Ruth

(10 min)

A short film by Grammy award winning filmmakers Renee Sotile and Mary Jo Godges, celebrate the lives of these famous women caputuring the spirit and skill for survival they possessed.  Actress/singer/writer, Sweet Baby J'ai brings to life three divas, highlighting little known stories about their lives and music. This award-winning film was featured in film festivals nationally and internationally and on PBS stations around the country.


Divas Breaking Taboos

(8 min)

In this "herstory" lesson, percussionist, Sweet Baby J'ai celebrates the strong women artists of the 20s who have contributed through their works to the breaking of taboos and the advancement of women in society. This 8 min short film by Grammy award winning filmmakers Renee Sotile and Mary Godges, was featured as Best Short in the Pan Africian Film festival and won many prizes in film festivals around the country.


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